Not be lost in the life - A guidebook for beginners

Work-book and Handbook for Teachers

The method „Not to be lost in the life - A guidebook for beginners" is particularly designed for children from socially disadvantaged settings who finish school after completing 10 years, but in lower grades, without getting a lot of useful and necessary information, which could affect their quality of life, as well as their chances on the labour market.

The handbook offers a lot of playful activities for the ethical education. Following topics were selected as the most significant:
  • adequate communication and self-presentation,
  • solving of conflicts,
  • self-reflection and one's place in his/her setting and environment,
  • ideas of one's future,
  • taking over responsibility of one's decisions and acting,
  • getting information on looking for and asking for a job, on means for gaining necessary data and information in labour market,
  • getting information on and taking over responsibility in the partnership, family life and in sexual relations.

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