Goal Setting and Projects

The Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology (VÚDPaP) is focused, as a directly resort-controlled scientific and research workplace of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, on solutions of problems that social and mostly educational-pedagogic practice considers as a matter of priority from the aspect of psychological and pedagogic sciences. As the only workplace in Slovakia, it (the Institute) deals with the complex research of mental development of children in norm and pathology; it researches conditions that determine this development and possibilities of its optimization at school, in family, and in other facilities and institutions.

Endeavor of workers of the Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology is to efficiently and effectively support fulfillment of program goals of the Government of SR in the area of education and training (National Program for Development of Education and Training) and in the area of science and technology. The activity and fulfillment of the Institute's work are traditionally established by a contract concluded between the Ministry of Education of SR and VÚDPaP, and the main goal setting contains its detailed elaboration with a one-year schedule.

The goal of the tasks approved by VEGA is to promote a basic psychological research and development of proper scientific discipline. In the areas on which these tasks are focused on, VÚDPaP carries out several practical activities, too. Within the scope of basic research, investigation is focused on development of regular-school child as being a standard for comparison of characteristics of gifted children's development, of children with various forms of disabilities, and children from minority groups. Various forms of school, family, and off-family influences on child's mentality are followed, and factors that most importantly nurture the child's favorable development are identified. They serve as a basis in development of optimal practices for advancement of gifted children, children with various forms of disabilities, children from minority groups, in integration of such children in school (and in society, too), and also in formation of optimal prevention programs for children at risk of social-pathological phenomena.

In the fulfillment of the National Program for Education and Training, it is possible to take advantage of the present research findings and of the longstanding knowledge and experience of VÚDPaP's professional workers. In this direction, we recommend the following:

In education and in care for gifted and talented children to start mostly from the tasks P-103, N-79 a N-45.

To support mental development, quality of life and health at schools; for the support of partnership and parenthood training and vocational guidance to draw information from the tasks G-98, P-94, P-100, P-102, P-104, P-105, N-89 and partially also from the tasks N-1, N-54, N-64 a N-65.

Measures regarding integrated-form education and training of physically disabled children in special schools, but also in primary and secondary schools should be based upon the research knowledge of the following tasks G-97, G-98, P-94, N-1 and partially also from the tasks N-54, N-64 a N-65.

In the development of measures in education and training of Roma children and children from socially disadvantaged settings we should draw information from the tasks P-94, P-99, P-101, P-102 and partially also from the tasks N-2 and N-54.

Proposals of measures and preventive programs that can limit the growth of socially pathological phenomena in children and youth, the tasks G-96, P-95, P-104, P-106, P-107, N-2, N-55, N-64, N-90, N-91 should be used, as well as N-54.

Further tasks included into the Main Goal Setting of VÚDPaP deal with sponsorship of the selected tasks of the education resort and with present problems - at first place, it is educational counseling, of which our Institute is a coordinator. Here, our Institute is focused on development of conceptual background materials and analyses, methodical guidance and coordination of pedagogic-psychological counseling centers, centers of educational and psychological prevention, school psychologists, and educational counselors as parts of counseling facilities in the education system, which is the goal of the tasks N-2, N-45, N-79.

Practically all tasks do permanently draw data from the Information-editing center, library, psychodiagnostic archive and the Journal Psychológia a patopsychológia dieťaťa (Psychology and Pathopsychology of Child), which are represented by the tasks N-20, N-27, N-28 and which also serve for external users from the education resort.
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