Child Center

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Child Center's Activity

  • The Child Center was founded in Bratislava in 1990 with help of Kinderzentrum München facility and in cooperation with Comenius University as part of the Research Institute For Child Psychology And Pathopsychology.It provides multidisciplinary care to children in need and their families.First, these are children with various disabilities but also children with learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and other children, too, which the School Act calls the pupils with special educational needs; gifted children belong here too. The Child Center's activity is tightly interconnected with VÚDPaP's research activities.The experience with the modern form of providing help to people with disabilities and their families utilize the Child Center's professional workers in their involvement in pre-graduate preparation of students of psychology, students of special education (pedagogy), and students of social work.
  • The Child Center's multidisciplinary team consists of: child neurologist and child psychiatrist (both work as external workers), physiotherapists, social worker, psychologists, special educators, speech therapist, pedagogic therapist, preschool teacher, child nurse and assistant workers.
  • The Child Center's clients are families with children at the age from six weeks. The disabled clients who started visiting the Child Center as children receive the services even after attaining their age of majority. Almost 5 thousand clients are on the records and about 400 families yearly come to the Child Center, of which the half are new clients.

 The Child Center's Organizational Structure

  • Outpatient Room
It focuses on the variety of problems and complications that can accompany the child's development; they may be related to health disabilities, non-standard course of development (developmental disorders, but also accelerated development), speech problems, educational difficulties, or problems at school. It provides counseling services, diagnostics, therapies, developing and supporting programs - this all is in a close cooperation of professional workers with the child's family. The work with children is carried out both on an individual and group basis.
  • Diagnostic-Therapeutic Group
It is intended for preschool children with disabilities (from the Child Center's outpatient clientele), the social development of which lags behind other developmental areas. It seeks to help these children to cope with their transition to preschool facility. Children who did not find placement in regular and special facilities attend it too. The pedagogic therapist and nurse work with children in a group in close cooperation with psychologists, physiotherapists, and speech therapist from the outpatient room.
  • Integrated Group Of Preschool Education
It consists of a group of children aged from three years up to their training; these are usually ten children without disabilities and five children with disabilities (clients of the Child Center's outpatient room). The type and severity of disability are not considered essential when the child is assigned into the group. The daily routine is the same as in regular kindergartens; the preschool and special teacher work with children together with the assistant worker. The objectives and methods of work are developed in cooperation with the speech therapist, physiotherapists, and psychologists. The work with the group, which is diverse by age, developmental level and health condition, meets the principles of inclusive preschool pedagogy. 


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