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Brief characteristics of the Institute´s activity

Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology (VÚDPaP) is the only workplace in the Slovak Republic that is focused on the complex research of psychological aspects of child and youth development and on the research of conditions that influence this development.

Key research areas

  • Mental development of children from regular population
  • Specifics of mental development of children from minority groups (disabled, gifted, socially disadvantaged children)
  • Social development of children and youth

Practical activities

  • VÚDPaP's Child Center delivers complex multidisciplinary care for children with special needs and for their families including counseling recommendations to schools and school facilities that work with these children.
  • Professional workers of Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology deliver counseling services to children, their parents and teachers with focus on problems of children in the area of cognitive, social, emotional, and school development, and in the area of vocational orientation.

Information and publication activities

  • The Information-Editorial Center of VÚDPaP has a well-equipped professional library that delivers its services not only to VÚDPaP's employees but also to external users - professional workers of sister professions, university workers, and university students. The Center makes literature retrievals and bibliographies from fields of developmental, pedagogical and school psychology, child pathopsychology, and social pathology.
  • VÚDPaP publishes a quarterly journal Psychológia a patopsychológia dieťaťa , which is the only professional psychological journal published here in Slovak. It also publishes contributions written in the Czech language. Every study has an abstract written in English. From time to time, VÚDPaP also publishes non-periodical professional monographs and anniversary volumes.

Methodological, training and educational activities

  • VÚDPaP has a tight cooperation with School Facilities for Educational Counseling and Prevention, and by means of the Methodical and Educational Section it secures for their workers the methodological, training and supervisory activities.
  • In cooperation with reputable test publishing houses VÚDPaP prepares the Slovak versions of psychodiagnostic tools intended for children and youth.
  • Specialized research divisions of VÚDPaP provide for students of Philosophical and Pedagogical Faculty of the Comenius University and students of Philosophical Faculty of the Trnava University optional lectures, excursions, professional practicing and educational interships.
  • The Institute also organizes educational courses for pedagogical and professional employees in the area of work with gifted children, with children with behavior problems, and in the area of vocational counseling.


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